Flower Press

My name is Flower Nutakor, the founder of MAUA - an all natural skincare line that celebrates the rich diversity of African botanics. 
MAUA was founded in Ghana in 2021 as an exploration of my East and West African roots. Born and raised in Germany to an Ugandan mother and a Ghanaian father, I moved to Accra to learn more about this beautiful country and its people. 
Having worked in the fashion and beauty industries in Europe, I was always drawn to natural products and organic ingredients. While studying for my MA in Business Communication, the idea came to me to start my own business.
In creating a unique line of luxurious skincare and beauty products, sustainability was key.
I travelled throughout Ghana to learn more about traditional beauty and skincare practices to make innovative products using local ingredients. From visiting a women-run shea butter cooperative in Bolgatanga in the north, and venturing deep into the tropical forests of the central and western regions, I sourced the perfect ingredients from the best suppliers. Ghana’s rich biodiversity and the incredible knowledge of the women and men farmers are what inspires me to continue learning and absorbing new things every day. 
MAUA specializes in cold-pressed virgin oils that are handmade using organic raw ingredients from smallholder farms across Ghana. 
Please follow MAUA and join me in my journey as I develop innovative new products that will always be Made In Africa.